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Reacting To Things Around You

I’m slowly learning that no matter how I react, it won’t change anything. It won’t make people like me or even respect me. Sometimes it better to just let things be. Let people go. Don’t fight for closure. Don’t ask for explanations. Don’t chase… Continue Reading “Reacting To Things Around You”

Being Enough For Yourself

I have come to realize that if you are always there for others, your heart is rare. Everyone concentrates on themselves that we forget about those around us. Know that you give people hope and faith in a new tomorrow. Know that you make people… Continue Reading “Being Enough For Yourself”

Walking Away

It is ok to walk away from people who bring harm to your heart and well being. Walk away from arguments that lead to anger and will solve nothing. Walk away from people who intentionally bring you down. Walk away from pleasing people who… Continue Reading “Walking Away”

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