About me

As the legend goes, when the phoenix resurrects from the flames, she is even more beautiful than before.

Sometimes in life we struggle with keeping positivity and faith near us. We tend to forget the things that keep us fighting each and every day.

I made this site to help with the every day struggle anyone might be feeling. To be the positivity in life anyone may need. To give you another reason to keep fighting when you may think the war is over.

Lighthouses always brought me peace. The light it gives brings you back home, to your center. Brings you in from the darkness or danger. My hope is that this site will help you find the same peace.




Don’t ever apologize for what you are feeling. Whether it’s sadness, anxiety, nervousness, or feeling happy. You are not sensitive or being overdramatic. You are simply being true to yourself and inner being. Never feel ashamed for it.

There is always an underlying reason for what we are feeling. No matter what it is it is valid and just as important as anything else. It does not need explanation. It deserves to be felt.

Faith And Hope

During these uncertain times we can feel everything. Anxiety, sadness, anger, or despair. No matter who your pray to or if you pray at all. I hope you feel peace,love, hope, and faith.

We are in this together 🖤

Celestial Energy

The universe helped create you, every single tiny piece. You weren’t made by mistake, you were meant to be here. So start being here!

Be here. Follow you heart. Your heart will show you the way if you listen. Bloom and explore where you are planted. Keep digging until you find your soul, the core to your inner being. Start to know who you truly are and own every bit of it. Never apologize for being here. You aren’t taking up space. Life can be difficult and messy but you were born with purpose. The universe makes no mistakes. Use the same energy from the cosmos.

Turn what you’re feeling into strength.

Turn what you are feeling into something beautiful, just like you already are.

Be Gentle

We usually try to figure how to navigate through life. Going on a trip or reading a certain book. I wish I could tell you that you will figure out your life in the next six months or two weeks. I can’t.

All of this happens in the quietest moments of your life. Growth happens when you least expect it to. You will start to feel a connection with not only yourself but with others around you.

You start to feel the warmth of the light shining through you again. You feel that having hope is possible.

Always remember that happiness is not something you find or buy. It is something you become.

Short And Sweet Reminder

Remember to be strong enough so that nothing disturbs your peace. Have optimism and believe in a little magic. Try not to think of the worst outcomes but instead believe in the best. Concentrate on your own well being and happiness to the point you are not worried about those who criticize you.

Have a little faith and believe that the best is yet to come! 🖤

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