About me

As the legend goes, when the phoenix resurrects from the flames, she is even more beautiful than before.

Sometimes in life we struggle with keeping positivity and faith near us. We tend to forget the things that keep us fighting each and every day.

I made this site to help with the every day struggle anyone might be feeling. To be the positivity in life anyone may need. To give you another reason to keep fighting when you may think the war is over.

Lighthouses always brought me peace. The light it gives brings you back home, to your center. Brings you in from the darkness or danger. My hope is that this site will help you find the same peace.



Honor Yourself Today

We can get sucked up into life with what’s happening next week or even just our daily stresses with life that we simply praise ourselves for today or our yesterdays. The moments that brought us to this point in our life. What we struggled and persevered through. The mountains we struggled climbing but still made it to top. When it rained and we danced through it instead. Take this time in your life and simply be proud of yourself! Be proud of the person you became and your journey to this point. Take time out of your busy day and honor yourself. Today and everyday!

Art by Artofnora.com

100% You

Today start’s a new day! A new start to your incredible journey. Give today everything you have. All the positivity and strength you can gather from your soul. You won’t get this beautiful day again so give it everything you have! Do everything you set out to do, even things you never dreamed of doing. Make time for you today and every day to do what calls your heart. Give today 100% of you the world needs it!

( Image from Cosmic-collage.com)

The Core

The one thing we have to be mindful of in life is our energy. The energy that drives our spirit. The energy that is the core of our soul. Let it fill you with positivity and light each and every day. Flow into others while they flow into you. Let it fill you both with so much happiness and joy!

Cherish each day while it fills you with hope for tomorrow ❤

(Picture created by: Johnathan Hasson)

You Belong Here

You belong here. Let me say that again, YOU BELONG HERE.

Waking up each day to a whole new day with unlimited possibilities. Pure heart and soul that blesses everyone around you daily. The ways you impact loved ones around and even those who haven’t met you yet. Everything about you is simply one of a kind. There is no one else like you in the world you are irreplaceable and unmeasurable. Times can get difficult where you think there is no way out of the darkness that you feel but always remember you are much tougher than your hardships. You got through every single up to this point so keep on fighting!

Even if you don’t feel it at this very moment,


It’s Your Turn

When was the last time you forgave yourself? Truly forgiven yourself?

Forgave yourself for mistakes that were beyond your control or just a simply mistake because we’re just human. When you tried to prove yourself to others because you didn’t think you were enough for them or that you didn’t amount to their standards. When you blamed yourself for something someone else did that had nothing to do with you.

If we never take the time to forgive ourselves overtime it will start to weigh us down. Our heart and our soul included. The hardest part is setting it all free with clear intentions of never letting it way you down again. At times we create our own mountains to climb because we take on more than we should for reasons we shouldn’t. Don’t let life continue to weigh you down. Have patience with yourself. You are worthy of your own forgiveness.

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