About me

As the legend goes, when the phoenix resurrects from the flames, she is even more beautiful than before.

Sometimes in life we struggle with keeping positivity and faith near us. We tend to forget the things that keep us fighting each and every day.

I made this site to help with the every day struggle anyone might be feeling. To be the positivity in life anyone may need. To give you another reason to keep fighting when you may think the war is over.

Lighthouses always brought me peace. The light it gives brings you back home, to your center. Brings you in from the darkness or danger. My hope is that this site will help you find the same peace.



Time For Some Self Love

I truly hope every one of you feels beautiful. Not because your spouse or friend said it but because you feel it. Feel beautiful because you made someone’s day not for the numbers on a scale. You are not defined by your weight or appearance. In our society we concentrate on the outside and not what is within.

You are beautiful beyond what is shown on the surface. Radiate your light from the inside, out. Be the kind of beautiful that makes others love themselves as much as you love yourself.

You are everything and more!

The world needs more beauty like yours.

Start Choosing Yourself

One thing in life we struggle with [even myself] is that we rarely choose ourselves. When we start to put ourselves first we also set our boundaries in life. It’s ok to choose where you invest in your energy. It’s also ok to say “no”. You have every right to protect your peace and aura. You are allowed to create a safe place to exist in this world.

Do not be afraid to to set boundaries. Boundaries let the right people in. The people you choose to be in your life will strengthen your boundary lines, not cross them.

Do not change what your heart tells you just to keep them near.

Do not compromise what is important in your life just to feel important to them.

Be brave enough to enough to set boundaries and love yourself enough to follow through with them.

What Truly Shapes Us

We have to stop running from our mistakes, from our decisions that didn’t pan out, running from our pasts, and running from our failures in life. In order for someone to truly love us we have to show the true us, the part’s we hide from others.

The pureness of it all is that despite our messy and complicated life, we still survive. The hardest part about life is to let the past be what it is. Accept that this is our story. The beauty and the pain.

Everything we have been through has prepared us. It has been us a bit stronger and wiser when it comes to life.

Stop running from your past.

You can not outrun yourself.

You are worthy of it all.

Both past and present.

Live In The Now

It’s time to stop reliving the past and worrying about the future. We have to try and start living in the now. When you laugh, laugh hard. When you’re sad, let yourself cry. When you love, love with everything you have. Do not look back, do not look forward. Be centered, be in the now.

The past is behind you.

The future is uncertain.

Just simply breathe and love fiercely. 🖤

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