About me

As the legend goes, when the phoenix resurrects from the flames, she is even more beautiful than before.

Sometimes in life we struggle with keeping positivity and faith near us. We tend to forget the things that keep us fighting each and every day.

I made this site to help with the every day struggle anyone might be feeling. To be the positivity in life anyone may need. To give you another reason to keep fighting when you may think the war is over.

Lighthouses always brought me peace. The light it gives brings you back home, to your center. Brings you in from the darkness or danger. My hope is that this site will help you find the same peace.



The Sun Will Rise Again And So Will You

Sometimes life can feel heavy. It can feel messy. It can feel like total chaos. It can be because you lost someone. You lost something. You lost yourself. It can feel like your stuck and have no place to go. Forever walking in an endless circle. But this doesn’t mean it will last forever. What is broken can always be put back together. What can hurt, can be healed. Tomorrow is always a second change your journey. The hardest part is letting go of yesterday’s emotions and starting fresh tomorrow. Wipe everything clean and open your heart to new beginnings. Life can be so similar to the sun, it’s not about setting it’s about the rising. Life isn’t about what can be lost but instead what can be found. Life will let you start over and create something beautiful. You just have to be open to rising again from the darkness.

Life is about rising like the sun and the will to burn brighter than the day before. 

Empower Yourself

Remember you have the power and right to live the life of your dreams. You have the power to go after what you truly want. You can always rewrite your story and erase when you need to, nothing is set in stone. You have the power to let things go and let go of the things that way you down. Ultimately, you have the power to rid your life of all negativity that comes your way. To free yourself from people who don’t value your worth. To turn failure into possibilities. Trust in you power and start believing in your own magic. Start living life on your own terms without hesitation. Everything you desire and want in life is within reach. It’s just waiting for you to recognize your own power.

You are whole.

You are strong.

You are powerful. 

Keep fighting, Never Stop

When hard times arise in our lives we tend to suffer in silence. We push away those who loves us. Sometimes not even on purpose but because we don’t have to spread the darkness to others. We get blinded by our own silence. There’s going to be good and bad days but there is always hope for a brighter day. Please don’t get blinded by the silence. Open up and ask for help.

Sometimes we have to fight certain battles on our own and defeat the demons/darkness inside of us. Do no be silenced by darkness. It will end up drowning you until you are face to face with your own demons. If you are at this level now, fight. Always keep fighting. Overcome every single one even if it leaves an internal scar. It will remind you of how strong you are and how hard you fought to get here.

When it is all said and done, you won’t be engulfed by darkness and coldness. Because no one should ever be silenced from their own internal war.

Staying Afloat

Life has a way of testing us. Sometimes it can push us to the end of our patience.  It can be difficult to navigate on the right path when everything seems to be raining down on you. At times the aura or temptation of others can drift you on a different path entirely, a place where your heart doesn’t follow. You have to find the courage and wisdom to ask yourself where you are truly meant to go and follow it without fear. Always be true and honest with yourself  and listen to your heart. You will start to discover what aligns with your soul and it will help center you. Find out what anchors you, what keeps you focused on your goals and have you live in the now. 

It doesn’t matter how strong the storm is or how high the waves are. You are your own anchor. If you stay afloat and survive the storm, nothing will be able to weigh you down. 

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