About me

As the legend goes, when the phoenix resurrects from the flames, she is even more beautiful than before.

Sometimes in life we struggle with keeping positivity and faith near us. We tend to forget the things that keep us fighting each and every day.

I made this site to help with the every day struggle anyone might be feeling. To be the positivity in life anyone may need. To give you another reason to keep fighting when you may think the war is over.

Lighthouses always brought me peace. The light it gives brings you back home, to your center. Brings you in from the darkness or danger. My hope is that this site will help you find the same peace.



Your Story

None of our stories are the same. Some have happier endings while others end in darkness. No matter what the story consists of, write your story. When you need to, finish the chapter and start another.

We have the ability to scratch out things that done belong and instead add joy. Surround yourself with characters that will help you in your journey of self discovery.

Try to embrace and accept the chapters of uncertainty. No matter what the outcome is, embrace it. Write your story. Be raw and honest as possible. Write it with passion and love. Let it be the best story you’ve ever written. 💜

A new year

Life hasn’t been easy this year for any of us. It has challenged us all in different ways. The days go by but yet time has seemed to stop. So many questions can start to fill up in your head and unfortunately we may never know the answers. Do not let your faith diminish in these trying times. Keep the hope for the future alive. At times this can be a truly difficult task but as long as you keep trying that is all that matters. This year has proven that family and true friends will help us keep going. Lean on them when needed. Pray when it becomes difficult to stand.

Please stay safe today and everyday!


I truly wish you all a wonderful and safe New Year!

Being true

Simply be you. Be who you really are. That seems like the easiest way to live life. Follow your heart even if you have doubts. Quiet your mind and listen to what your heart is telling you. Be a little weird and don’t think about what others may think of you. Love yourself in every being, every inch of your skin. Stay true to your values and let it guide you. Life is about finding peace and accepting who you are. So be kind to yourself, even in your weakest of moments. Love yourself the way you love others, you need it too.

Heart over fear

In life we tend to usually weigh out the different outcomes to every decision we make and sometimes we let fear dictate our final decision. Especially now with such uncertain times, fear is more present in our daily lives. Your heart will speak through the fear you feel.

When your heart says it’s time to start new, fear will list every bad possibility.

When your heart says it’s time to start a new career, fear will tell you that you’ll fail.

Always follow your heart. Let it overcome your fear.

Your heart will guide you to who you truly are instead of fear spreading darkness and doubt.

You will find what and who are truly meant for you, the rest will just fall into place.

Nothing to prove

You have nothing to prove. You have nothing to prove during this pandemic. You don’t need to prove that you can handle everything or that you couldn’t. You don’t have to prove who you are. No explanations, no justifications. You can simply just be you, flaws and all. Your true worth will never come from someone else. Just from you. You don’t need anyone’s approval to validate your worth. Just the pureness of your heart and soul is all that is needed.

Little bit from home

Find people who make you feel like your at home. Where you can find peace and warmth on the cold days you experience. The people who can be a light when all you see is darkness. Those who encourage you to be yourself no matter what others may think. Find places where you feel peace, where you can explore endlessly. The places where you feel the most alive. Whenever you do find those people and places hold on to them. Never let them go. Appreciate them when they are around. These places and people are worth more than what money can ever buy you. This is where you are meant to be. Home.

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