Everything Is Still Possible

It took me a long time to truly believe that anything is possible. We start to lose hope when experiencing hurt,sadness,or a broken heart. Even with it all I still believe in the possibility of everything around me.

We are more than what we think we are capable of. Our possibilites are endless. What we can bring to the world is as vast as the universe. What usually stands in our way of understanding this is simply believing.

Believing in ourselves. Believing we can over come anything that comes our way. You have the courage to take the chance on yourself. You are more than worthy of it.

Your Worth 💙

Most people believe their self worth is measured with materialistic items, the amount of friends you have or by the money in their bank account. When in reality it comes from your soul and your heart.

You are more than just the followers you have. You have a soul. You carry light. You are every bit real.

Your worth comes from everything you are made of. Your dreams. Your happiness. Your inner being. Your true purpose, knowing or unknowing.

Your worth comes from within you.💙

Stand Back Up

* Art credit goes to https://lisalaroseart.com *

Please check out her website it’s beautiful!

There will be times when life will knock you down. Please stand back up. The longer you stay down, the harder it can be to stand back up.

Find something to lift up your spirits. Something that reignites your soul. Like taking a stroll outside and take a deep breathe or talking to a loved one or friend.

Whatever you decide to do, just make sure you always stand back up. Take baby steps if you have to. Do this for you.🖤

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