It Starts With You

It all starts with you.

The fear we tend to feel from our past and in our life can sometimes be manifested into something bigger then what it is. We tend to over think our anxiety into fears and they windup turning into one of our worst nightmares.

Calm your mind.

Breathe in deep.


Stop your mind from sending you over the edge. Control your thoughts and take a minute for yourself. Overcome your anxiety and fears. Once you battle your way through, you will come to realize that the storm that was set in front of you may not have been as bad as you originally thought!

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Stop Hiding From The Past

Sometimes we tend to hide from our past. Maybe because we’re ashamed, embarrassed, or it’s too painful to think about. Our past brought us to who we are today. It may not be the path that you wanted but it is where you were meant to be. Accept the past for it is and or what was done. Accept the apology you never received and forgive yourself in the process. Do not ever feel imprisoned to your past. You deserve to feel peace from your past.

Start the healing process for yourself

Live For Today

One thing in life that I have learned is that tomorrow is never promised. No matter what we do even down to the second. LIVE for today. Do what makes your soul burn with desire. Tell your loved ones how much they mean to you, don’t waste a single second. Apologize while you still have the chance, don’t let your pride get in the way. Don’t put off things off till tomorrow, next week, or next month. Let go of the negativity and let the little bumps in the road go.

Live for today

Be present ❤

Healing From The Pain And Past

The hardest part of being an adult is healing from past trauma and healing from those who have hurt you. You have to let go of the hurt it’s personal choice. Do not feel any of the pain and guilt in your heart, let it all go. Accept what has happened in your past and heal from the darkness that it has caused. This may take weeks, months, and even years but it can be done. Forgiving those who hurt you can help cut the ties with the hurt that haunts you. Forgive them in order to heal you. Replace the moments in your life that caused you pain and replace them with happier ones.

Learn from the past and consider them lessons in life

Make peace with yourself

Your heart deserves it

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Dear Me

We all have those moments where we just feel defeated. Defeated with life. Defeated with events in our life. Even just defeated with ourselves. It’s okay to just cry. Cry for yourself, cry for relief. I have found this therapeutic lately. Sometimes you don’t know why your crying and that’s okay. We can become tired of being strong for so long that we tend to lose who we are in the process.

I can say for myself, after losing my cousin who was like a brother to me it has been difficult to say the least. Faking to be “okay” or “happy” is beyond exhausting, especially when you feel like your drowning. I have learned so far that being tired is okay. It’s okay to not be okay. Life may not give you what you can handle or what you wished for but sooner or later things get better. At least this is what I’ve been telling myself. Find reasons to live life, to simply live. It may be difficult to continue or even just to breathe but keep fighting through.

One day you are going to be proud that you didn’t give up

Don’t give up yet

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