Accepting Who You Truly Are

I always thought about what it meant to truly love yourself. Most people say it’s taking time to yourself or having a spa day. Self love is different for everyone, no one is the same.

I learned to love myself by accepting the light and darkness I kept in my soul. The places where I kept secret. In the process I understood my worth.

Loving yourself is also accepting yourself. Who you are as a person. Who you want to be in the future. Everything. This also means accepting your past, the good and the ugly.

Learn from your mistakes.

Accept your mistakes.

Continue to grow.

Love yourself so you can accept that same love from someone else. Let your inner being and soul be your home. 🖤

🌺Be You🌺

Don’t worry about what others may think of you. You never have to convince someone that you’re a good person. Do not waste your energy. The more you try to convince them otherwise, the more ammo you give them.

Stay away from the negative energy and just follow the positivity. Do not let them drag you down. Do not let them change the perspective you have about yourself.

Be yourself

Love yourself

The rest will follow 💜

Lessons And Blessings

Lately, I have realized that some of my darkest moments brought the brightest endings. Negative or toxic people in our lives can teach us a lesson. Grief can show us that rain is necessary for flowers to grow. That we can still grow.

Our struggles can seem like bad luck but in reality they can be a blessing. It can lead us down the path that was intended for us. Your journey does not end when a door closes. There is always hope.

We have to keep going. Even when we feel weak or like we can’t go on. We have to pick ourselves up and keep pushing forward. The battle will end and we will get through it.

Just keep the faith.

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