Energy And Aura

Everything we do has a certain energy and aura behind it. It ultimately connects to your soul and spirit, be sure to always take care of it. Protect it with all you have. Make time for yourself daily, do something that connects to your inner being something that deeply inspires you. Let it fill you with positivity and light. Keep people around that have the same energy and aura as you. Do not let anyone diminish or hurt your energy. Do things that fill your life with a sense of passion and ultimate happiness.

Enjoy the journey of getting there.

You deserve to be insanely happy in life!

( Art from: Jess Conwell)

Our Fears

We as humans have a tendency to hype most things up. We turn certain life events up a few levels. Quiet storms may turn into hurricanes or our dark moments may turn into our nightmares. I can be the first one to tell you that my fears get amplified by 100 because of my anxiety or pain I feel from it. It may not be instant but battling your fears head on will eliminate the emotions that come with it. Do not let your emotions rule over your thoughts.

Battle your fears head on.

You are strong enough.

Loving You

The pressure of fitting can the heaviest weight of all to carry. Trying to look a certain way or being a certain weight because of what we might see on social media platforms. I can say from experience that true happiness is not found there. From skipping meals, refusing to eat, or down to pretending not to be hungry. Self love and self acceptance isn’t found from doing this.

I have personally had difficulty of my own with accepting and loving myself through it all. Weight, image, inner and external scars. It is so important to love your body, your journey ( no matter the paths you’ve taken), and who you have become today. Focusing more on how to take care of yourself, internal and exterior. What you eat, the makeup you wear, or the clothes you put on has nothing to do with the love you have for yourself.

You are worthy of so much in life and it starts with the love you have for yourself. What makes up your heart and makes you, you! It has nothing to do with the outward appearances or what others think of you.

Be your own cheerleader!

Trusting Yourself

We run into life events that can be difficult to get through. Usually, we can change our view point on it and calm our racing minds. We can let arguments go because we don’t always have to prove that we’re right. We can even pray about it at the end of the night and let God handle the rest.

Some other life events take time to process and this is where things start to go haywire with the over thinking. We tend to bury ourselves in thought that it’s hard to dig ourselves out. We don’t realize what damage it has done to us on the interior. At times we’re used to the disappointment or the pain so we accept it time and time again. Thinking we healed but all we have done is dug a deeper hole to hide the hurt or trauma it may have caused.

When processing and healing please be gentle with yourself. The road is bumpy and the travel is long but do not be discouraged. Patience is difficult but can be obtained with practice.

Be gentle with your heart.

Let it heal on it’s own time.

A Little Bit Of Healing

Sometimes you have to truly feel your emotions. Sadness, anxiousness, or happiness. Be a mess if you have to be. Take time for yourself but make sure you pick yourself back up when you’re done. Try again tomorrow and take it day by day.

You will learn more if you quiet your mind and listen to your soul. Give yourself time to heal. Become you again and not the emotions you were feeling. You will feel happiness again and see your light at the end of the tunnel.

Look how far you have come, continue to lean on that.

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