World Of Happiness

Find Happiness. Be happy. Look at the brighter side of life instead of concentrating on the storm. Keep your hope even if you can’t see or feel it. Instead of seeking revenge, seek forgiveness. Always choose love even when you don’t feel it. We aren’t supposed to live life with sorrow. Find the joy in living a life with happiness. Live life without hate in your heart and see how life itself transforms. Live for the moments of love. Live for the moments you share it with others.

Life is meant to be lived with happiness.

Make it last a lifetime.

Stop Looking Behind You

There is no rewind button in life. You can’t go back to yesterday. I know there are times where we wish we can replay a scenario that happened or changed an outcome. Yet, we keep moving forward. We have to find inner peace and accept what has happened and keep moving forward. It make take all the strength you have to do it but keep going. Have some faith in knowing that life will work itself out. Let your faith be your flashlight through the darkness till you find the light again. It won’t be easy. Life was never that easy to begin with but we  find our courage to continue. We find our faith and courage at different times in our lives, be patient.

Give it everything you have even if it seems impossible to do. Once we accept what is behind us we can see the future ahead of us. 

The Simple Life

We get so tuned into life that we forget to live. We’re answering emails, text messages, and phone calls daily. We’re running errands, keeping the kids busy, or working more. We forget that it’s okay to slow down or sometimes do completely nothing. We don’t always have to be doing something. Take the break that you need. Take the break that absolutely deserve.

Watch the sunrise or sunset.

Spend more time with your children.

Make that phone call to your parents or best friend.

Relax at home with a fluffy blanket and your favorite candle burning. 

Never forget to take time for you. Slow down when it’s needed. Realize that you don’t have to do everything today. Enjoy life in it’s entirety!

Little Empathy

You never truly know what type of impact you will have on someone. Especially in times like these, any small act of kindness and understanding can change a persons life. A smile can light someone up inside who saw and felt nothing but darkness. Since we can’t hug one another, try having a deep and profound conversation with them. Empathize with one another. Be the first person to be kind to someone. Don’t wait. Don’t wait for the right time. 

You truly don’t know who really needs it.


Sometimes we try to forget what hurt us or who hurt us. I can honestly tell  you that it’s nearly impossible to do so. It’s not how healing works. It’s not how grief works. Whether you want it to or not the memories are a part of you. It shapes you to who are and who you will become. You have to make room for all the memories. The happy memories and even the sad ones. You have to truly accept what happened and accept that they are a apart of you. You can’t force how they will affect you or how often they get brought. Be vulnerable to with yourself. Feel the emotion and the raw intensity of it. This can be the hardest part to do because this is when we will our weakest. If you have to, do it by yourself away from others but this portion of the process has to occur so you can heal. 

Remember that the memories, the good and the bad were your yesterday’s. They are not your future. 

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