Our Individual Blessings

The people we have in our lives are meant to be in it. We didn’t meet them by accident. It was simply meant to happen. They know us from the inside and out. They can bring us a feeling of safety in an such unpredictable world.

They’re our friends for life.

Partners in crime.

They’re always there no matter what. Giving us light when we see darkness.

Count your blessings.

Every single one of them.

Make This Promise To Yourself

Make this promise to yourself.

Promise yourself that you will not put yourself or your feelings second in life. We tend to think that putting ourselves first is selfish. Well let me tell you it isn’t.

Promise yourself that you will stay away from people that make you feel inferior. Love never comes with terms and conditions. You should never have to hurt or destroy your soul for a friendship or relationship.

Promise yourself that you will stop being critical of yourself. Stop putting yourself down. Do not be your own worst enemy. Let your words lift you up not tear you down.

Promise yourself to make your choices in life with passion. Do not let fear make the choices for you. Love yourself and know that at this very moment in life YOU ARE ENOUGH!

Be gentle with yourself

We are all fighting a battle

You are not alone

Protect Your Inner Peace

I have realized that throughout life there will be people that will hurt you, use you, or criticize you. Do not worry yourself over what they may have done. Don’t lower yourself to try and get back at them. The negative energy they produce can follow you.

Let it go.

Do not give into them.

Let the universe take care of it for you. You can’t control what others do but you can control how you will react to it. Focus on your positive energy. Do good to others around you. Radiate love instead of hate.

Never give someone that much power over you.

Never let them destroy your inner peace. 🖤

Learn To See More

We’ve learned to judge people on outer appearances. We all do it. We judge someone about what they look like instead of who they truly are. We tend judge instead of accepting others. How many people have we hurt in the process?

Who we are as an individual and what we stand for doesn’t seem to matter anymore. It is easier to judge someone from a distance instead of letting them in or close to us.

The same thoughts that make us beautiful can just as quickly turn us ugly. We have enough critics in this world. Do not become one of them. Change starts with us. It only takes one person.

Take the challenge to truly get to know someone. Not for their appearance but for their soul.

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