Little bit from home

Find people who make you feel like your at home. Where you can find peace and warmth on the cold days you experience. The people who can be a light when all you see is darkness. Those who encourage you to be yourself no matter what others may think. Find places where you feel peace, where you can explore endlessly. The places where you feel the most alive. Whenever you do find those people and places hold on to them. Never let them go. Appreciate them when they are around. These places and people are worth more than what money can ever buy you. This is where you are meant to be. Home.

Healing a broken heart

Healing seems to always come in waves. One day you’re completely fine and the next day you feel like you’re drowning. You could feel as if your soul is broken into small pieces and even then you still keep going. You try to keep yourself together as much as possible even though you feel as if the pain is fresh. When you lose someone so close to you it feels as if you’re dying too, something inside of you died when they did.

Healing isn’t easy, it is messy. There is no time frame when it comes to healing. I never truly believed that time heals all wounds and pain. Time will give you the opportunity to manage the ache and hurt more effectively. You won’t cry as often or consume your every waking thoughts. You will laugh more and remember what it feels like to smile without faking it. The pain and ache is still there but you continue to learn to live again. There will be times where something will remind you of them and it stops it right in your tracks and you just cry (happened to me just the other day). Grief turns into love. Pain turns into faith.

You have to keep going even if you don’t think you’re able to.

You are truly stronger than you think you are.

We prove it everyday.

Time to rebuild

Someday you might realize that you’ve been drifting in life and not living. This is the time to rebuild the life you seeked but have yet to obtain. Start getting rid of anything that weighs you down, including people. There is no need to keep let it keep drowning you. Let you heart and soul be lifted. Search for for people and places that bring you happiness and sense of peace. Find new hobbies that enrich your life. Go explore nature, cook new recipes, find a new book. We are all meant to live life to the fullest capacity. Including joy, happiness, and the feeling of always looking forward to tomorrow. Let go of anything that stands in your way.

Positive Energy

We have a tendency to overthink about situations in life and even when it comes down to ourselves. It really comes down to this, what we believe about ourselves we will end up becoming. If we spend all of our time in believing that we aren’t good enough or that we will never make it, our future will follow suit. We tend to attract the nervous or negative energy because we second guess ourselves. Whether it comes from what a friend or family member said or what others have accomplished and we haven’t. Instead focus on what we do have. Turn the negative energy into something positive. Everything that seemed impossible slowly changes into being possible. 

The dreams you had will start coming true. 

Doors that didn’t want to open will begin to unlock. 

You have everything at your fingertips, you just have to believe in yourself first. 

It’s Okay To Be Different

It’s okay to be different. We weren’t meant to be the same or follow the same crowd. You were created to show the world your own visions. To color the world in whatever color palate you desire. It’s okay to have your own standards. To shake things up and see where they fall. Our reality will differ from others around us. What we may see in color can be black and white to someone else. Our passions in life is what brings so much diversity to the world. It makes life worth living. Keep being you. Keep being different. 

Who you are and your vision in life, no one else can do. 

Shining As You Are

Your purpose in life isn’t like anyone else’s. We are all different with different journey’s. Let the purpose that drives you in life shine as bright as the brightest star in the darkest night. Never wish to be someone else or to be elsewhere. Your purpose is to shine bright and as beautiful as you are. Realize that you are one of a kind and how truly amazing that is. Celebrate with others and help them shine as bright as your are. When you help others realize how bright they can shine in their own skin, we can all light up the night sky together. 

Oh what a sight that would be ❤

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