One of the hardest words to understand and one of the hardest actions to do. Letting go of the anger and disappointment can be difficult. There isn’t a timeline or a how to book on how to do this.

I have learned that keeping the anger only hurts you. Forgiving someone doesn’t signify that the action was correct or warranted. Forgiveness means you will no longer hold onto what is hurting you. You are choosing you.

Let the past be what it is. Accept it for what it is and not what you wish it could of been.

Forgiving someone isn’t easy. It is much harder to keep carrying the weight of anger in your heart and soul.

Find Your Footing Again🕯

There are times in life when the mountain begins to be too hard to climb. It’s okay to let yourself be sad. It’s even okay to be a total hot mess.

One thing life has taught me recently is that it’s okay to not be okay. A close family friend who in all honesty is family contracted Covid. The strength I had left during this time of uncertainty had popped and I have truly been a hot mess. It felt like the flame of the candle has out and I was surrounded by darkness.

The hardest part of life is getting back up again.

The only thing we can do is try a little harder everyday. Take things day by day instead of figuring out everything in a rush. Give your heart time to heal. Give yourself time to breathe again.

Slowly but surely you start to feel like you again. There is no timeline to this, take baby steps if needed. You learn to stand again even if your legs feel like jello.

Don’t let life suffocate you.

You’ll make it out of this phase of your life, keep your faith. 🖤

Inside And Outside

It can be hard to love yourself. I mean truly love yourself. It can be hard to understand or accept how unique you really are. You have dreams and aspirations that no one else has. You are your own galaxy. There is no one like you.

It comes down to loving who are inside and outside. Your appearance. Your weight. Down to your toes. You are not defined by your weight and size. Your are not defined by the clothes you wear or the brands you buy.

Your heart and soul is what defines you.

Treat yourself with kindness and admiration. Start taking care of yourself, like you truly do love yourself. Don’t love yourself in sections. Love yourself entirely.

Being A Human, Nothing More And Nothing Less

Some people (like myself) have a hard time showing our emotions to others. For some it may show weakness that they’re not comfortable with. For me I don’t want to feel like a burden to others. Especially when our emotion we are feeling doesn’t match someone else’s.

I’m here to tell you this. It is okay to feel sad. It is okay to feel mad. It is ok to feel scared. Whatever emotion you are feeling, it is okay. It will be okay. We go through ups and downs. Life has it’s ways to show us at times that it is fragile.

We are human. Don’t always expect to feel like you can take on the world. Let yourself feel whatever emotion you are feeling. Be patient and kind to yourself. We weren’t expected to live a perfect life, simply just to live.

Finding The Joy Of Life

With everything that has been happening lately it can be hard to find joy. Even as simply finding the joy of the sunrise and that first ship of coffee in the morning.

Remember to find the joy of little and big accomplishments. The times you smile without even realizing it. Bring joy to others by being kind.

Go outside and feel the breeze of the wind. Close your eyes and find the joy and peace. Life is way to short to not feel the feeling of joy every minute of your life.

Everything Is Still Possible

It took me a long time to truly believe that anything is possible. We start to lose hope when experiencing hurt,sadness,or a broken heart. Even with it all I still believe in the possibility of everything around me.

We are more than what we think we are capable of. Our possibilites are endless. What we can bring to the world is as vast as the universe. What usually stands in our way of understanding this is simply believing.

Believing in ourselves. Believing we can over come anything that comes our way. You have the courage to take the chance on yourself. You are more than worthy of it.

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