It Will Get Better, I Promise

People never warn you about how life may beat you up at times nor did they say how to get through them. There are times in your life that make you feel as though it will never stop raining. There are other times that make you see so much fog you don’t know which way you are going anymore. People never taught you how to breathe through and how to calm your heart.

I’m here to tell you that it does get better. That the rain does stop, and you will see beautiful flowers bloom. I’m here to tell you that you will catch your breath and feel your heart rest. Do not give up on your journey, travel through with faith of tomorrow.

*Art by Monica Callaghan, Midnight*

Surround yourself with good aura’s

In life we have the choice to choose what type of energy we want to be around. You can be around people with good auras or bad auras. Choose to be around people who love life and that are kind to others.

Choose people that give you the same love you show them. Choose others that are there during the brightest and darkest time of your life. These are the people that will change your life into something beautiful.

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A kind person does not make you weak

Being a kind and gentle person in life does not make you weak. People go through dark times and fight their way back out to find the light again. Being a kind person means you chose to fight instead of letting your circumstances devour you. Life has a tendency to hit you when you are already down. We’ve all been there, probably more than we would like to admit. This phases that we go through give us the opportunity to make us kinder or hardened by life. When we feel compassion and empathy from others, it changes how we look at things when our storms are over.

So continue your journey on being a kinder person in this world. Give someone the same compassion and love others gave to you. The world truly needs it.

*Art from Fine Art America*

Be kind to yourself

Start forgiving yourself. Make the choice to be happy. Make the choice to be gentle with yourself. Choose to free your soul from the darkness that you feel. Choose to see mistakes as lessons learned. Make the choice to calm your heart when things don’t go your way.

Be gentle with yourself

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