Hope And Faith

I know these are trying times for everyone. The one thing I hope you carry with you right now is hope and faith.

Let hope and faith bring you hope of a better tomorrow. Let it bring you through your hardest day’s. Let it show you that you are stronger than your struggles.

Everything and nothing is making sense right now. Let hope and faith get you through this. Let it carry you through. 🖤

Time To Disconnect

Every now and then you know when you need to disconnect. Your body can sense it.

Disconnect from what is not fueling your soul.

Disconnect from what is not giving you peace.

Disconnect from social media and other distractions.

Put your phone down. Get off social media apps. Turn off the television.

Spend time with what brings you peace and makes you feel whole. Start spending time with family. Be present in your life. Take time for yourself.

Reconnect with what gives you purpose. Let time slow down and allow the universe to remind you of the simple things.

Keep Going, Don’t Stop Now

All the stress and anxiety you are feeling now won’t last forever. You won’t always feel like this. Sometimes you have to go through the darkness to appreciate the light again. Sometimes times you have to make mistakes to learn to be a better version of yourself. Sometimes you have to fail in order to find love.

What breaks can always be mended back together.

What hurts you can be healed again.

Just keep going

Don’t give up now 💟


Don’t ever apologize for what you are feeling. Whether it’s sadness, anxiety, nervousness, or feeling happy. You are not sensitive or being overdramatic. You are simply being true to yourself and inner being. Never feel ashamed for it.

There is always an underlying reason for what we are feeling. No matter what it is it is valid and just as important as anything else. It does not need explanation. It deserves to be felt.

Faith And Hope

During these uncertain times we can feel everything. Anxiety, sadness, anger, or despair. No matter who your pray to or if you pray at all. I hope you feel peace,love, hope, and faith.

We are in this together 🖤

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