I know how hard it can be to stay positive 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Where you feel like you can’t continue. Where giving up seems easier. Where nothing may not be going right and trying seems like a waste of time. People around you may bring on negative energy and it attaches to your own aura.

Keep fighting.

Every single day.

Every fight you have given life has not been for nothing. Something was always achieved. When a door closes you have to find the right door that will open for you. Hold onto the positivity and goodness of your soul. Don’t let it dwindle into the darkness. Distract yourself with something that makes you smile and hold onto it for the day. Do not feel as if you failed just because you couldn’t accomplish it today, try again tomorrow. It doesn’t happen overnight and it’s okay.

Keep pushing forward, not matter how hard the journey seems to be. You have to believe that the universe has something big in store for you. After everything you have been through in your life, you are destined for the greatest blessings in life.

Live For Today

With everything going on in the world, tomorrow is truly never promised. Do not take any second, minute, or hour for granted. Live the best life you can today, to the absolute fullest. Do the things that light your soul on fire. Start knocking out your bucket list items. Tell your friends and family how thankful you are for them and how much they are loved. Never go to bed angry, especially with someone you love. Let little insignificant crap go, they won’t matter a week from now.

Live everyday of your life with full intention of it being better than the previous day

Tomorrow is never promised


Don’t give up.

When you feel tired and life begins to weigh you down, don’t give up.

When you have beautiful moments in life, treasure them.

When your soul and body is telling you to rest, listen and nourish it.

When you start to question who you are, be gentle and love yourself.

Be the best you can be with where and who you are in life.

Everything you thought would break you, made you stronger.

Don’t give up.

Keep going.

Break Through The Darkness

We have moments in our life that become overwhelming to the point you just want to break down and cry. Everyone tells you it’s going to be okay, take a vacation, or even try some meditation. There are times where that simply isn’t an option or it doesn’t work.

There are times where you just have to have some quiet time and figure some crap out. Release all the negative energy. Release what is weighing you down. Do not let them overtake you. Do not let them drown you.

There is no time line for overcoming whatever is weighing you down. It’s a slow process but a necessary process. Feel whatever is needed but release what doesn’t bring you light and joy.

Life is too short to live within in darkness of our subconscious.

little moments in time

We caught up in life that we’re just always on the go. Going to work, checking emails, responding to social media or making plans for the next two weeks. We forget that we don’t have to be busy. We don’t always have to check our email or rushing to the next destination. We have to come to terms within ourselves that it’s necessary to slow down life.

Take a break.

Take a breather.

Turn the TV off. Put your phone down. Detach from social media.

Enjoy loved ones around you. Watch the sunrise on a early summer morning. Go buy your favorite scented candle and read a new book.

You would be surprised that the simple or little things in life, really aren’t little at all.


Every person you have met in life and even those you have yet to encounter are fighting an inner battle no one knows about. Everyone is fighting an inner demon or an insecurity about themselves.

We all have a tendency to want what someone else has or even just feeling unsure about who we are as a person compared to another.

So this is my reminder to you.

You are beautifully made just the way you are. Just as beautiful as the brightest star in the sky. You are strong and unique in your own way. There is no one else like you in this world, how amazing is that! There may be things you don’t love about yourself but there are also so many amazing things about you too.

Remind yourself everyday of all the things you love about yourself until you simply don’t forget. It’s always a battle worth fighting. You are just as worthy of your own love that you give so freely to others.

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