Life will have a tendency to make you go through amazing experiences and other times it will break your heart. There is so much give and take when it comes to life. Good lessons, bad lessons, lessons about lessons. If you let life teach you these lessons, you will bloom throughout your journey in life. Life will teach you how to conquer fears, climb mountains you thought weren’t possible, heal pain, and teach you how to be brave.

At the end of the day, it is all about allowing life to help you grow. To show you, you can survive the hardest moments in your life to experience the best moments of your life.

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Learning about yourself

Each day is a learning experience. Each day you learn more about yourself and the inner workings of you. You get to learn how to accept and how to forgive. How to deal with happiness and how to deal with grief. You learn how to keeping trying because failing is not an option. You try and try because that is something you solely can control. You learn and understand that life is not going to go your way and things will happen. Yet, you look for the sun to rise again and the hope for tomorrow.

Keep fighting each day.

The sun will rise again.

Acceptance Within Yourself

One of the hardest things for humans to do is accepting who we are. Accepting our personality, looks, quirks, and flaws. We go through life wanting to change who we are because of the feeling of being validated instead of validating ourselves. Surround yourself with love and encouragement. Accept your flaws for what they are, the universe made you wonderfully. Be kind to yourself, you are still growing.

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