The Rise Of The Sun

The darkest part of your life won’t last forever. No matter how impossible and dark it may seem, the light will shine again. The sleepless nights, exhausting days, the dragging of the hours. It won’t last forever. The darkest of nights will bring the rise of the sun again. The warmth, hope, and faith that come with it. Let go of the darkness that inhabited your heart and soul. Let the rise of the sun give you new hope today.

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Mountains and Valleys

There are times where you may feel low or like your head is barely above water. Always remember what you currently feel is not your forever, it is not permanent. Let the valleys of your life lead you to the most beautiful view on the mountain top. This is not a permanent fixture in your life but instead leading you to bigger blessings. The light will shine again through the cloudiest of days. We all struggle and take on the world knowing we can not. Your struggles do not define you and it never will. Enjoy the beautiful view at the mountain top, new blessings are coming!

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Remember Your Blessings

When times get dark and you can’t seem to find your way, remember that you are blessed. When you feel like the road that you are on is to hard to travel, remember that you are blessed. Although you may not see them, you are so so blessed. Focusing on your blessings does not take away the situation that you are in but it can remind you that in darkness, comes light. You remember that in your darkest of nights the stars will shine bright for you. When you feel like giving up, fight. Give it everything you have, keep walking until you reach sunshine.

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Love a Little Bit More

Love more daily. Give hugs like it’s going out of style. Tell your loved ones you love them whenever you can. Check on your family and friends more often. Be the person who shows someone else that you care and love them. We get so wrapped up in the world that we forget to check on our loved ones and think that they will always be there. Notice your blessings. Take time out of your busy morning and tell them how much you appreciate them. Give your parents a hug. Spend time with family without the distraction of the noisy world around you.

Spend more time where it counts, love a little bit more.

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Honor Yourself Today

We can get sucked up into life with what’s happening next week or even just our daily stresses with life that we simply praise ourselves for today or our yesterdays. The moments that brought us to this point in our life. What we struggled and persevered through. The mountains we struggled climbing but still made it to top. When it rained and we danced through it instead. Take this time in your life and simply be proud of yourself! Be proud of the person you became and your journey to this point. Take time out of your busy day and honor yourself. Today and everyday!

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