Just Live

In different times of our life we forget to live. We tend not to let go and try to control every aspect of our lives. Allow yourself to let go of the reigns and take a moment to breathe.

Don’t think about the expectations. Let your soul feel the world around you. Let your heart beat motion you forward. Appreciate the small blessings around you. Capture each moment and hold them tight! Love each moment of your life and each step of your journey!

*art from FineartaAmerica*

Who you used to be

As we go trough life experiences that will tend to change us. As we get older we question who we are and what got us here. I can truly tell you that it is not always a bad thing. Embrace who you are and the life experiences that brought you to this point.

The new version of yourself might even be able to show you parts of yourself you truly didn’t know existed. Let this stage of your life heal parts of you that are buried in darkness. Grow from the heartache, pain, and sorrows from your life.

Do not fear who you are.

Embrace it.

Claim every part of it.

*Picture by wehearit.com*

Turning The Corner

Always know that it is never too late to chase your dreams. You deserve to follow your aspirations without fear of failure. Be brave enough to chase every single dream you have.

Do not let your past dictate your future.

Do not let your past stop you from what you deserve in life.

Believe in the power of a new journey.

Believe in the courage and power you have within yourself.

The universe has so much to show you.

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