The Sun Will Rise Again And So Will You

Sometimes life can feel heavy. It can feel messy. It can feel like total chaos. It can be because you lost someone. You lost something. You lost yourself. It can feel like your stuck and have no place to go. Forever walking in an endless circle. But this doesn’t mean it will last forever. What is broken can always be put back together. What can hurt, can be healed. Tomorrow is always a second change your journey. The hardest part is letting go of yesterday’s emotions and starting fresh tomorrow. Wipe everything clean and open your heart to new beginnings. Life can be so similar to the sun, it’s not about setting it’s about the rising. Life isn’t about what can be lost but instead what can be found. Life will let you start over and create something beautiful. You just have to be open to rising again from the darkness.

Life is about rising like the sun and the will to burn brighter than the day before. 

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