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Find Your Wings

We can’t control everything in life. You’re going to make mistakes. You’re going to face loss. Do not spend your entire life trying not to fall. Instead focus more on the lessons of falling down and the beauty of getting back up. Falling doesn’t… Continue Reading “Find Your Wings”

Halloween Is Upon Us Again

Halloween is one of favorite yet scary holidays for me. Let me explain! I love Halloween because I love to see the creativity of others around me when it comes to costumes and of course the candy. Yet, I am the biggest child when it comes… Continue Reading “Halloween Is Upon Us Again”

Letting the past go

How great would life be if we could simply forget our past and live in the present? No worries, no stress, just peace. At times we forget to leave our past behind us. Fall is the perfect example of accomplishing this. Take a moment… Continue Reading “Letting the past go”

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