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Shining As You Are

Your purpose in life isn’t like anyone else’s. We are all different with different journey’s. Let the purpose that drives you in life shine as bright as the brightest star in the darkest night. Never wish to be someone else or to be elsewhere.… Continue Reading “Shining As You Are”

Let Your Soul Bloom

Bloom where you feel most at home. Even when weeds and drought come your way, bloom.  Let the sun warm your soul. Let the sun shine it’s light within you. Always understand that when it rains, it is needed. You have the strength to… Continue Reading “Let Your Soul Bloom”

Finding Hope In The Dark

There will be bad days but always remember you can still find beauty in darkness. With every fall you take you can rise. With every change there is growth. With every hurt there is hope to be found. With every ending there is a… Continue Reading “Finding Hope In The Dark”

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