Break Through The Darkness

We have moments in our life that become overwhelming to the point you just want to break down and cry. Everyone tells you it’s going to be okay, take a vacation, or even try some meditation. There are times where that simply isn’t an option or it doesn’t work.

There are times where you just have to have some quiet time and figure some crap out. Release all the negative energy. Release what is weighing you down. Do not let them overtake you. Do not let them drown you.

There is no time line for overcoming whatever is weighing you down. It’s a slow process but a necessary process. Feel whatever is needed but release what doesn’t bring you light and joy.

Life is too short to live within in darkness of our subconscious.

One Comment on “Break Through The Darkness

  1. A very deep thought that is followed by wise advice. Nothing short of encouraging. Thank you we all need it.


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