We’ve allĀ been there (men too) to agreeing to everything that comes our way. That is myĀ problem in life.Ā 

“Hey we changed your schedule last minute thats cool right?” Yeah sure.

“Are you really ok?” Yeah

I’m a yesĀ girl

I have a problem with telling people no. I don’t like to disappointment people or let them down. I feel as though I have to defend why I’m saying no. I can’t deal with seeing it inĀ their eyes so I just go along with it.

I wasn’t always the yes girl believe it or not. When I was between 18-21 I was so much moreĀ assertive and moreĀ carefree.Ā Confronting problems wasĀ never an issue to me. How people saw me never mattered because I loved myself more. So what changed?? I seriously ask myself this question all the time! I’m still notĀ sure where I went wrong and how my personality changed so much. AfterĀ while I got used to making others happy and forgot to do the same with myself. I started to put myself last. Instead of being the outgoing person I used to be, I started to be shy andĀ sheltered. Now I worry if I upset others and jump to rescue theĀ situation.

This is when IĀ realized it wasĀ turning into a problem,Ā especially when it came to my personality. When looking and thinking about it, it sends me into panic.Ā Prioritizing my mentalĀ health hasĀ given me the courage to say no.Ā Realizing that I needed help gave myĀ strength to go down thisĀ journey. My boyfriend helped me realize that I was hurting myself more than helping myself when trying to help others. It made me sad that I got into this emotional state in my life but I was also proud of myself to getting to where I am now. It is an on going process and learning experience very similar to a roller coaster ride. I’m excited to seeĀ where I go from here andĀ truly spending time with myself!