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Learning about yourself

Each day is a learning experience. Each day you learn more about yourself and the inner workings of you. You get to learn how to accept and how to forgive. How to deal with happiness and how to deal with grief. You learn how… Continue Reading “Learning about yourself”

Being Enough For Yourself

I have come to realize that if you are always there for others, your heart is rare. Everyone concentrates on themselvesĀ that we forget about those around us. Know that you give people hope and faith in a new tomorrow. Know that you make people… Continue Reading “Being Enough For Yourself”

Accepting Less of Ourselves

Sometimes in life we just go through the daily grind no matter the weather, our mood, and even our health. We put everything on the back burner and concentrate on what needs to be done. What where does that get us? Well let me… Continue Reading “Accepting Less of Ourselves”

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