Being Alone

One thing I have always noticed is that some of us are afraid to be alone. Afraid to grow old and be alone. Afraid to come home to empty house. Afraid of living life alone. Most times we are afraid to be alone with ourselves. We tend to overthink every aspect of our lives and we end up being our own worst enemies. As a society we tend to think of it as them against us but what about when it’s us vs. ourselves. 

Why are we afraid to be alone with ourselves?

Being alone can bring us more strength then being with others at our side. We find our weakness but most importantly we find our strengths.  Find that silent place and listen. Do not argue with yourself. Do not think about what still has to be done. Be one with mature. Be one with Earth.

This is where we find our inner peace. This is where we find the power we thought we lost but most importantly this is where we heal. Without silence we don’t take the time to heal from our wounds. Getting over our fear of being alone is the first step of find our own strength. There is no shame or sadness to come from being alone.

Just find yourself ❤

4 Comments on “Being Alone

  1. I noticed this as well. It’s as if being alone is a disease or something. I do a lot of things alone, because I prefer it that way, and people act as if it’s some impossible task. But I believe that the ability to be alone is essential to being your own person.

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      • Yes. We can only find ourselves when we are alone. And I think that’s what scares people, you know? Themselves. It’s like… staring into a mirror and seeing your soul. That terrifies them… the fear that they, by themselves, are not enough. They desperately need someone else, so they can feel like enough.

        Like this quote… I think it’s by Tennessee Williams… “When so many are lonely as seem to be lonely, it would be inexcusably selfish to be lonely alone.”

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      • I felt that fear after I left my ex husband. Seeing what I saw in the mirror actually scared me. It was the worst journey but after I took the first step it was quite wonderful. We tend to be afraid to look at ourselves and afraid to see what might be starring back. Btw I love that quote!


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