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Healing a broken heart

Healing seems to always come in waves. One day you’re completely fine and the next day you feel like you’re drowning. You could feel as if your soul is broken into small pieces and even then you still keep going. You try to keep… Continue Reading “Healing a broken heart”

Make This Promise To Yourself

Make this promise to yourself. Promise yourself that you will not put yourself or your feelings second in life. We tend to think that putting ourselves first is selfish. Well let me tell you it isn’t. Promise yourself that you will stay away from… Continue Reading “Make This Promise To Yourself”

Being Alone

One thing I have always noticed is that some of us are afraid to be alone. Afraid to grow old and be alone. Afraid to come home to empty house. Afraid of living life alone. Most times we are afraid to be alone with ourselves.… Continue Reading “Being Alone”

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