Putting yourself back together

One thing I have learned is that healing isn’t just a simple task that can be done over night or even in a month. I have had days where I feel light as feather and I have had other days where I felt the world on my shoulders (and sometimes even on the same day).

There are moments that seem so beautiful, that you want to stop time in it’s place. Moment’s that give you hope and peace again.

There are moments where the ache in your chest feels like it will just burst open and everyone will see the hurt you have been trying to conceal.

Healing can be a slow process. Sometimes it may feel like you aren’t progressing anywhere. Do not feel discouraged in your journey of healing, let the process happen. Healing can be a life long journey so do not feel rushed. Cry, yell, and grieve if you have to, no matter how many times you do it in a day.

You are growing everyday.

You are healing everyday.

*Photo from Artstation.com – Sin Jong Hun *

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