Monday Thought’s

As the dreaded Monday’s are upon us yet again, I got to thinking (as I always do). Why do we tend to think that Monday’s are the worst? We portray Monday as though it was Friday the 13th week after week. I can’t be the only one who has heard, “It’s Monday” when things don’t  go our way. Again, I’m guilty of this at times!

The positivity we have carrying the other six days out the week should be changed to seven. So how do we get out of this slump you ask? 

1) We can remember our blessings and be humbled by it, let our hearts grow two inches bigger


2) Feel like Grinch who stole Christmas

We are ultimately in control of what we feel and how we display it to others. We can feed into the negativity or instead be the sunshine someone may need in their lives. No one and I mean no one can make us feel anything or think disheartening thoughts. It took me a LONG time to figure that out, call me stubborn in my ways as most of us are. Yet, when we think about the inconveniences in our lives, are they really inconveniences?

We have to go to work on Monday’s. In reality you are blessed as some can’t find work.

Balancing life, work life, our children, and spouse. We have a loving family and have love to come home to.

Count your rainbows 🙂 


4 Comments on “Monday Thought’s

  1. You’ve done it yet again. You never seem to amaze me. Thanks so very much. What your doing here is helping me with things I’ve dealt with in the pass as well as things I go through now.. keep it up! The sky is the limit!!

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  2. “The Monday Blues” is what I like to call it most of the time.
    Your attitude towards the day can often times set the course for the day. It’s quite the coincidence.
    Having a positive attitude towards every day of the week doesn’t guarantee that everything will go according to plan. Things happen.
    However carrying that positive attitude does set the tone for how you want to live your life.

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    • I couldn’t agree more!!!
      To me, how you start your day is how you set your week. Being negative won’t help, put that smile on and see how it changes your perspective! 🙂


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