You’re Enough

Happy Sunday Everyone!

I went to church today and it got me thinking about something from the sermon. How many times a week do we criticize ourselves? Think about what we should of accomplished instead of thinking about the things we did achieve? 

I’m guilty of this. We’re so hard on ourselves even when we’re acheieving so much in life, it never seems good enough. Take a step back and breathe. Enjoy living in the moment again and just enjoying life. Let go of the worries and stress from our lives and concentrate on what we have. We are all so blessed in life, now let us bring that joy to others! 🙂

4 Comments on “You’re Enough

  1. I’ve spent a lot time being critical of myself and looking back at the past wondering what might’ve been.
    It’s very easy to lose yourself doing that and you don’t really get anywhere.
    Now I’m trying to change that around. I won’t let “what might’ve been” hold me back and keep me from living my life. I’m living for myself. I’m living for a brighter future.

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    • Sometimes being critical of ourselves can lead to negative thoughts and emotions. The word “critical” alone never gives off a positive vibe. Instead look how what you’ve accomplished. Is it where you want to be? Maybe not but whose to say it won’t happen? There is only one of you, that is your power. Use it wisely 😃


  2. As I read this, I begin to get tears simply because I’m “that person” i have always beat myself up for not doing certain things as well as focuse on what I could and should have done instead of being proud of what I actually did… I’ve always said “okay I give up…. Enough is enough!!! And ended up where I left off (time and time again) But NOW I’m like “NO! Seriously ENOUGH IS ENOUGH…. I am ENOUGH!!! There’s a lot I have accomplished and I’m not done yet!

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    • When you say it, believe it.
      We’ve all been there, every single one of us. That moment when we say I’m tired and can’t go on. That’s when miracles and blessings happen. Keep the positive attitude and it will show in all you do. Keep close to your faith and notice the change in your life 🙂


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