Stop Figuring Out Everything

You don’t have to know what comes next in life. You don’t have to figure out life itself. Especially not in times like what we have experienced. You don’t have to figure out your book of life. It’s hard to just let life do it’s own thing without us trying to change it’s path. We are still growing, learning, and developing into better version of ourselves. Each path is our own, beautiful in it’s own unique way. Let yourself enjoy the journey and what it will bring us. These are the times to enjoy the little pleasures in life. The sun that shines through your window in the morning. The feeling of the light breeze on a summer evening. The laughs and love we share with loved ones and friends. 

Be patient with yourself and accept in the unknown. Your story is being written as we live it, so put down the pen and enjoy what the universe brings. 

2 Comments on “Stop Figuring Out Everything

  1. A great reminder to stop and smell the roses. I can’t help wanting to understand things though, and I do agree that it can detract from the journey of life. Thanks for sharing!


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