Finding True Happiness

Everyone seems to seek happiness like it was a materialistic item or location they can travel to. Happiness was never about your job, the degrees you have, or even being in a relationship. Happiness is no about following in the same footsteps as those before you and it was never about being like those you surround yourself with. 

One day, you will know it was about the discovery, the journey, the hope, and listening to your heart and following it where ever it takes you. Happiness is about being kinder to and loving yourself. Happiness is about embracing the person you are becoming and accepting yourself as you are. 

Being truly happy was always about learning how to live with yourself, by yourself, for yourself.  Happiness will be found in every inch of your being as it radiates out for others to see. Happiness will never be found in the hands of another person.

It was always about you. 

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