Settling In Life

How often do we realize that we are just settling in life and living our day to day life simply as a routine? We have a tendency to only focus on work, work, and more work. Sometimes I think about how many people are actually settling in life. It’s probably more than I can count at any given time. 

People settle into “okay” relationships because their comfortable.

“Okay” jobs because it simply pays the bills at the moment.

“Okay” friends because going out to meet anyone else will take too much effort.

“Okay” type of life because it’s simply what he or she is used to.

“Okay” seems to be the green zone, the comfortable area where no wanders past.

“Okay” seems to be where most people seem to settle and just stop living. 

“Okay” is where we lose our passion to live, lose our sense of adventure, most importantly where we lose our sense of happiness. It is not where we find our purpose in life, where we have unforgettable moments, or go through life changing experiences. 

So live life to the absolute fullest. Stop living along the shoreline and explore the open sea instead. Living another day is not a blessing everyone gets to have, cherish each and every day.

It’s time for an adventure!


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