We all have learned in life that life can pass us by in an instant and that it can end at a moments notice. I learned this lesson when my step-mom passed away last October. We tend to be such in a hustle in life that we simply forget to just breathe. I feel as though when this happens God makes it a point to humble us and it’s not always in the way we want. A few months after she passed and as I continued to grieve, I started to break from the cycle of life. The never ending routine we all have.

I wanted to live the life she always wanted to and never had a chance to. See and experience life with her in my heart. Simply live life with as much happiness as she did. Knowing that it was ok to be happy without here in the physical form. It’s like experiencing life for the first time again without worry.

The hustle of life should never get in the way of experiencing the beautiful blessings around us. It should never take a loved one’s death to humble us again yet,sadly this is the case for most of us. 

Being happy should not equal as inviting guilt in as well. Be happy. As long as you are happy nothing else matters. Simply take a moment and breathe. Take a moment to see life can be a rainbow after the storm as passed, the stars always shine brighter after it’s passed.


Be born from the ashes like a phoenix every day as you take another breath.

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