Healing a broken heart

Healing seems to always come in waves. One day you’re completely fine and the next day you feel like you’re drowning. You could feel as if your soul is broken into small pieces and even then you still keep going. You try to keep yourself together as much as possible even though you feel as if the pain is fresh. When you lose someone so close to you it feels as if you’re dying too, something inside of you died when they did.

Healing isn’t easy, it is messy. There is no time frame when it comes to healing. I never truly believed that time heals all wounds and pain. Time will give you the opportunity to manage the ache and hurt more effectively. You won’t cry as often or consume your every waking thoughts. You will laugh more and remember what it feels like to smile without faking it. The pain and ache is still there but you continue to learn to live again. There will be times where something will remind you of them and it stops it right in your tracks and you just cry (happened to me just the other day). Grief turns into love. Pain turns into faith.

You have to keep going even if you don’t think you’re able to.

You are truly stronger than you think you are.

We prove it everyday.

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