Staying Afloat

Life has a way of testing us. Sometimes it can push us to the end of our patience.  It can be difficult to navigate on the right path when everything seems to be raining down on you. At times the aura or temptation of others can drift you on a different path entirely, a place where your heart doesn’t follow. You have to find the courage and wisdom to ask yourself where you are truly meant to go and follow it without fear. Always be true and honest with yourself  and listen to your heart. You will start to discover what aligns with your soul and it will help center you. Find out what anchors you, what keeps you focused on your goals and have you live in the now. 

It doesn’t matter how strong the storm is or how high the waves are. You are your own anchor. If you stay afloat and survive the storm, nothing will be able to weigh you down. 

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