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Traveling Through Life

There are moments in life that will leave you dumbfounded, silent, speechless. There will be nights that will will become restless and you will question why. There will be a million different experiences in between that will make you question everything you know about… Continue Reading “Traveling Through Life”


Life will have a tendency to make you go through amazing experiences and other times it will break your heart. There is so much give and take when it comes to life. Good lessons, bad lessons, lessons about lessons. If you let life teach… Continue Reading “Life”

Do Not Shrink Yourself

I can say that most of my life I have been quiet and I camouflaged into the background of life. I stayed quiet, unheard, and sometimes unseen. I never tried to burden others. Deep down I can admit I just wanted to fit in… Continue Reading “Do Not Shrink Yourself”

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