Riding Out The Waves

Tough times will happen. When we’re prepared or unprepared for them, they can come in waves. We have a tendency to fight against the current when tough times emerge. You would think riding out the waves would be easier. The problem is we want to change the situation and/or the outcome. So we fight against it. Wishing with all of our might and using the last of the energy we have left. We start to feel like we’re drowning.

The hardest part of riding out the waves is acceptance. Accepting that we can’t change the outcome or even people. Sometimes it can be easy while other times it can become difficult. Try to ride out the waves. Use the energy you have left to ride out the tough times, no matter how long it takes. 

See the beauty of what is coming and what is no longer. 

2 Comments on “Riding Out The Waves

  1. Love this analogy. It’s also like treading water. The more you try to fight it, the more you sink, so trust your instincts, acknowledge whatever trouble you’re in, and focus on what you can do. Loved this. Thanks for sharing!

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