Being Beautifully Broken

We get the perception in life that we need to be perfect. Down to looking perfect, acting perfect, making it seem like life is perfect 365 days out the year. We were never meant to have perfection be our goal in life. The hardest part about life is to let yourself be flawed and allowing yourself to make mistakes. We have to recognize and accept that we’re not always going to have it together. We are going to go through tough times, be or feel broken, and feel pain. Don’t ever apologize for being broken. Every time we break a new part of us comes alive and shines through. We tend to become more open with ourselves. Every crack that appears tells us more about ourselves. Our strength, our courage, our inner light. Everything we are made of. Don’t hide this pieces of yourself from the world around you. The most beautiful people are broken. Their hearts may be heavy but they love the deepest. They have seen darkness but still appreciate everything that shines. They’re compassionate about life. They’re more understanding than most.

Beautiful hearts don’t just happen.

Show the world how beautiful you are.

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