Learn To See More

We’ve learned to judge people on outer appearances. We all do it. We judge someone about what they look like instead of who they truly are. We tend judge instead of accepting others. How many people have we hurt in the process?

Who we are as an individual and what we stand for doesn’t seem to matter anymore. It is easier to judge someone from a distance instead of letting them in or close to us.

The same thoughts that make us beautiful can just as quickly turn us ugly. We have enough critics in this world. Do not become one of them. Change starts with us. It only takes one person.

Take the challenge to truly get to know someone. Not for their appearance but for their soul.

One Comment on “Learn To See More

  1. Beautiful post. Too many good people are judged based on weight, dress, etc. And really, the person who judges that person could be missing out on someone who could be a great friend to them. That’s how I see it anyway.

    May you have many blessings in the new year!


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