Step By Step

I’m pretty sure everyone can agree that the holiday’s can be stressful. Others can agree life itself is stressful. It can be overwhelming to have so many things on your plate. It can be hard not to give up when it didn’t turn out the way you thought.

It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep trying.

It doesn’t mean you have to solve every problem in one single day.

You don’t have to do everything perfectly, it’s just not how life works. You simply just have to show up and start. Start with one task. One fear. One page of your story.

One step out of your comfort zone. It doesn’t matter if you mess up or make a mistake. You can always start over and try again. Any and every step forward should be looked at as a victory. You’ll figure it out along the way. You’ll put the pieces back together as they come. Don’t stress or rush the outcomes.

Today, just show up and start. 🖤

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