Do Not Shrink Yourself

I can say that most of my life I have been quiet and I camouflaged into the background of life. I stayed quiet, unheard, and sometimes unseen. I never tried to burden others. Deep down I can admit I just wanted to fit in and be wanted, just like all of you. Into adulthood I gave, gave, gave and sacrificed most or all of myself to make others happy.

I finally came to terms with my self. It is not my job to change who I am to make others happy, and neither should you. It is not your job to change into someone who other deem “acceptable”. You are worthwhile beyond measure and you exist in this world. You need no other guidelines. Be who you are because it brings you comfort and joy. If it makes other uncomfortable, do not shrink back into your shell. Let the love you have for yourself radiate within and out of you. Show others who you are without one single apology.

Your feelings matter. Your inner being matters. You matter.

One Comment on “Do Not Shrink Yourself

  1. Honestly, it feels good to read these words right now. I heard similar phrasings in the past, but they weren’t like these. These lines came from your heart. Thank you very much for that.


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