Loving You

The pressure of fitting can the heaviest weight of all to carry. Trying to look a certain way or being a certain weight because of what we might see on social media platforms. I can say from experience that true happiness is not found there. From skipping meals, refusing to eat, or down to pretending not to be hungry. Self love and self acceptance isn’t found from doing this.

I have personally had difficulty of my own with accepting and loving myself through it all. Weight, image, inner and external scars. It is so important to love your body, your journey ( no matter the paths you’ve taken), and who you have become today. Focusing more on how to take care of yourself, internal and exterior. What you eat, the makeup you wear, or the clothes you put on has nothing to do with the love you have for yourself.

You are worthy of so much in life and it starts with the love you have for yourself. What makes up your heart and makes you, you! It has nothing to do with the outward appearances or what others think of you.

Be your own cheerleader!

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