Lesson’s In Life

It can be hard to understand that not everyone will stay with you forever. It’s not always because of you, it’s them. Not everyone is meant for you and it can be difficult to accept it at times. We have to risk our heart’s with anyone we meet, knowing we can be hurt. Yet, there’s beauty in life knowing that with trust comes love.

Not everyone we lose in life is a loss. It can be a blessing in disguise in most cases. It can be a lesson learned. It can still help you grow into a better person. We have to change our mind frame on our attitude to every situation we are faced with.

Bad attitude = bad outcome.

Positive attitude = positive outcome.

Sounds so easy saying it until you’re brought to it face to face, I know. Give people time. Give yourself time. Don’t ever beg anyone to stay. Let them roam into their own journey. What is meant to be will always be yours, in due time. Until that happens work on yourself. Give yourself some self love. You deserve the same love you give to others.

Close the door behind you and do not reopen it until you’re ready. Someone better will come your way.

Now just be patient with life but most importantly yourself.

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