little warrior

We go through sometimes feeling defeated or too tired to go on. We forget in the strength we carry within ourselves. We forget the strength we have in our spirit, what we carry in our soul. Always remember you carry the strength of the tallest mountain. You were NOT made without the strength of the universe inside you. Your spirit that you hold within yourself is your superpower.

So rise up. It’s Time.

You have the power and strength to be who you want to be in this life. We all come from different backgrounds. We have gone through our own trauma. We have been road blocked or met a dead end. No matter what you have been through or going through now. Fight. Stand up and fight. You have the universe at your fingertips. You have the strength of a warrior. No matter how small or how big you are. Never let anyone tell you different. Look at what you have accomplished so far in your life. Give yourself some credit and sense of accomplishment. Start believing in yourself. Start believing in your strength. Feel it in your soul like a torch in the night. Let your spirit guide you.

Your destiny is calling.

Light your way through the darkness. Let the world see your strength little warrior.

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