Monday Thought’s

As the dreaded Monday’s are upon us yet again, I got to thinking (as I always do). Why do we tend to think that Monday’s are the worst? We portray Monday as though it was Friday the 13th week after week. I can’t be the only one who has heard, “It’s Monday” when things don’t  go our way. Again, I’m guilty of this at times!

The positivity we have carrying the other six days out the week should be changed to seven. So how do we get out of this slump you ask? 

1) We can remember our blessings and be humbled by it, let our hearts grow two inches bigger


2) Feel like Grinch who stole Christmas

We are ultimately in control of what we feel and how we display it to others. We can feed into the negativity or instead be the sunshine someone may need in their lives. No one and I mean no one can make us feel anything or think disheartening thoughts. It took me a LONG time to figure that out, call me stubborn in my ways as most of us are. Yet, when we think about the inconveniences in our lives, are they really inconveniences?

We have to go to work on Monday’s. In reality you are blessed as some can’t find work.

Balancing life, work life, our children, and spouse. We have a loving family and have love to come home to.

Count your rainbows 🙂 


You’re Enough

Happy Sunday Everyone!

I went to church today and it got me thinking about something from the sermon. How many times a week do we criticize ourselves? Think about what we should of accomplished instead of thinking about the things we did achieve? 

I’m guilty of this. We’re so hard on ourselves even when we’re acheieving so much in life, it never seems good enough. Take a step back and breathe. Enjoy living in the moment again and just enjoying life. Let go of the worries and stress from our lives and concentrate on what we have. We are all so blessed in life, now let us bring that joy to others! 🙂

Letting the past go

How great would life be if we could simply forget our past and live in the present? No worries, no stress, just peace.

At times we forget to leave our past behind us. Fall is the perfect example of accomplishing this. Take a moment and go outside. Look at how lovely the leaves look as they fall from the trees around you. Remember that feeling you felt when you were watching and focus it in your own life. Simply let it go.

The feeling you’ll get from it will surely your bring you the peace you’re looking for! 

Moving On

How do you move on?

Why do people around us think it’s easily done?

Can we really just ” let it go”?

Simply put, no

A swift wind accidentally slams the door, we jump and our hearts begin to race

Afraid to leave the house because they  might be there

Simply being afraid to live because we simply don’t know how 

So what does it truly mean to move on? It’s different for everyone but here is my advice,

Choose to live, live for you not them

Will it be easy? no

Yet, look at how far you’ve come

Each day you choose to live is one day you take back from them

Until your life is truly your own

You are strong

You are a survivor 


What If’s

What is domestic violence?

Is it a stigma society puts on victims? Are we truly victims?

Should we be treated differently and looked down upon?

We are not victims, we are survivors 

We left when we thought we couldn’t

We lived when we wanted to die

We started again when we had no other path to take

We have strength, we are not weak. Our past will not break us, it will be the foundation to our future

We are survivors



About me

As the legend goes, when the phoenix resurrects from the flames, she is even more beautiful than before.

My name is Crystal and I’m a domestic violence survivor. I was in a domestic violence relationship for six years. It started from when I was 20 to 25 years of age, until I had the courage and found my strength to leave.

My journey has lead me to share my life, experiences, and hope for others in similar situations. Domestic violence is such a stigma in society sometimes that it can be hard to find others who have been through similar situations. That is where my journey started, the hope and will to help others. What survivors go through isn’t easy but we chose to live. We chose to live another day, we chose to leave, we chose to start our life again.

We are survivors


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