Finding The Beauty

We live in such a beautiful and imaginative world. At times,it can become difficult to see the true beauty. What we seek out of life and what we get can deter us from seeing it’s true potential.

It can take away what we thought was our’s to keep.

It can tell us we were wrong in what we convinced ourselves was right.

We will never truly get what we wish to receive. The world won’t change for us but we can change how we see the world. It truly comes down to our perspective. If we solely think of the negatives, our outcome will be the same. Life is about finding the magic even in the dark.

The world will always be a beautiful place, if we chose to see it as such.

Trust Your Heart 🖤

Life is about the highs and lows. There can be beautiful and aching moments. Do not let the struggles stop you from sharing your heart with the world. Start taking note of things that light you up. Never silence your instincts. You have to turn off the negativity and stay close the sound that ignites your spirit. Most importantly, listen to your own voice and follow the beat to your heart. It is ok to remember the good times, but do not dwell on prior mistakes.

You are bigger than your troubles or struggles.

You are passionate and a work of art.

Always remember that you are not bound by your past, you are moved by your future.

Burn Even Brighter

Find your fire. Find what sets your soul on fire and wakes up your inner being. Do something that inspires you. Do something that makes you feel alive. Life live to the point you feel passion within your bones. Capture and treasure moments that take your breath away. Do not settle in life, you have fire burning within your soul. Do not let others or fear convince you to put out those flames. Hold onto what lights up your world.

Discover what sparks your soul. Follow its flame and set fire to it. There is enough fire inside of you to burn even brighter than the sun. You just have to believe it.

You Hold The Key 🖤

Happiness is something everyone is trying to find. We get so caught up into trying to find it that we miss it all together. Sometimes happiness can feel like some type of rarity that doesn’t exist. Yet, it is more common than we think.

Happiness isn’t one big event that we wait to just happen. It can be the smell of rain. It can be reading your favorite book. It can be looking up at a sky full of stars and feeling whole. Happiness is living life with no sense of regrets. Do not let others interfere with your happiness because of their stormy cloud.

Happiness is coming that can’t be found or bought, it is something that is created. We hold the key to our on happiness, all we have to do is unlock it.

Let Life Happen

There are times in life when we don’t get what we want or we’re told the word no. Thing’s aren’t always going to work out the way you want them to. The thing’s we don’t get is actually what we need. The next time a door closes, don’t stress or fret about it.

Sometimes when a door closes it’s because you are worth more.

Sometimes when a door closes it can be because it is no longer is a road that you are meant to take your journey on.

Let go of the idea that closed doors is the end of something. Let the right ones open up. One day when you look back you will be happy that it didn’t work out the way you wanted it to.

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