Understanding What Happiness Is To You

Sometimes I think about what happiness truly is. Since we were little our loves ones around us taught us it was something magical and grand. As an adult, I can truly say it is something much more significant than something that is grand and glittery. Happiness can be the feeling of light shining through the small cracks in our soul and sweeps away the darkness. Happiness can be our broken or imperfections of our being being put back together. It is not something we wait in line for like the DMV, it is something that happens within its own time. Happiness is all around you, you just have to slow down your world to see it. It is forever blooming around you, waiting for you. Happiness comes from experiencing pain in your life but realizing that the sun will rise again. Embrace the light when it comes, soak in the happiness around you.

*Art from: FineartAmerica*

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