Take The Jump

Life is too short to wake up each morning with regrets or sadness. Wake up each day with a grateful heart and happiness. Love the people who treat you right and feel like you are worthy of being loved, forgive the ones who don’t. Believe that everything happens for a reason and accept things that come your way. 

If you get the chance, take it. Don’t hesitate when something new comes your way, you never know where it might take you. If it changes your life, let it. Do not fight the changes that comes your way. You never know where the next journey will take you. If love comes your way, let it in without fear. Do not be afraid of what the future might hold, it could be the best decision you ever made. 

Nobody said life would be easy, they just promised it would be worth it. 

Life Advice

I was thinking about life and thought about what I have learned from my divorce and this is what I came up with.

Always be the best person you can be even through hard times. When your tired still be kind. Be understanding and patient when you’re angry. Always try to do more than you are ask without expecting anything back in return.

Listen when someone talks, really listen without thinking about how you would reply back. Tell people in your life that you love them and appreciate them, tomorrow is never promised. Go out of your way to do something special for someone, create happiness for others. 

One thing you should never do? 

Never try to prove how great you are to someone. Your actions will speak for themselves. We have a limited time on this Earth, so don’t waste on proving your worth to others. If someone doesn’t see your light, do not worry. Good people are attracted to flame and to light, they will come.

People will die, but so many forget to truly live.

Live to the fullest capacity.

One Day, It Just Happens

We all go through darkness and rough times in life but it never lasts forever. Our past is not a prison sentence but instead a lesson to be learned. 

One day we rediscover our light, our way out of darkness. We overcome what was brought us down and fight back. We rediscover who we were before the darkness took over our soul and we become whole again. Piece by piece, one step at a time. We begin to embrace our inner warrior. We remember how strong we truly are and learn how to stand on our own two feet again.  That’s when you grab your power back. You take remember what you want in life and strive for it in every way possible. 

That’s when the whole game will change.



Short And Sweet

You don’t have to figure your life overnight. There isn’t a timeline to have everything set and stone. You don’t have to feel ashamed of where you are in life. All you have to focus on is one small accomplishment every single day so it will eventually all come together. Go slowly, one step at a time.

You can and will get there.


Walking Your Own Path

Many times in society we are told to be a certain way because that is what society deems fit. You can be both strong and soft. You can be strong enough to climb mountains yet soft enough to smell the flowers along the way. Be beautiful and intelligent. Have a beautiful soul that is compassionate for others yet intelligent enough to find ways to not only help yourself but others who are in need. Be confident and humble. Have confidence to get to where you want to be in life but be humble about the journey you take. Climb the mountain but feel peace by doing nothing.

The world will classify you in their own category because it is easier than trying to get to know each individual you come across. You may feel like you are misunderstood in the world but in reality you fit right in like a puzzle piece. You have to be brave enough to be yourself in the world without fear of judgement. There is no greater love in the world than finding and loving yourself. There are so many experiences that you have left to discover just by accepting yourself.

Everything is waiting for you. 

Life is waiting for you.

So set aside your fear and explore it. 

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