Finding Hope In The Dark

There will be bad days but always remember you can still find beauty in darkness. With every fall you take you can rise. With every change there is growth. With every hurt there is hope to be found. With every ending there is a new beginning. Don’t let the bad things that happen to you stop you from discovering the good in life. Sometimes we have to fall part in order to be whole.

Hold on to the good.

Aways believe that the best is yet to come.

Trust the process, be still.

We need the darkness to appreciate everything that shines.

Create Your Own Path With The Stars

Everything happens for a reason.

This is one the most used quote we hear in our lives but it is also one of the truest sayings. The universe will bring you what you need at the right time. Yet, sometimes faith needs a little push (more than we like to admit). Sometimes the universe doesn’t want you to sit back and wait for everything to happen.  At times we have to work towards the same path it is leading us to. Sometimes we have to create our own opportunities in life. We have to create our own moments. We have to create our own path. Sometimes we have to create our own path within the stars on our darkest nights. Your stars are out there. We have to slow down and connect the dots. 

Keep making your own path.

Never stop looking up.

Never stop arranging your stars. 

Turn them into your own constellation and light your way home.


Choose Wisely

Your attitude determines what type of day you will have.

90% is how you react and 10% is what happens to you. The small things in life should be stressed and worried about like they are now. The tire can be replaced. The ticket can be paid. The to do list will get done. The bill will get paid. 

Your life is great. You just have to allow it to be. 

People don’t make you upset, you allow the anger to manifest inside you. 

Life circumstances don’t upset you, you allow yourself to be upset.

You ultimately choose to worry, be angry, choose to criticize, and choose to be unhappy.

No one decides your attitude for the day but you.

Choose what type of day you wish to have wisely.


Be Lighting ⚡

Remember you have lighting deep within your soul. It will brighten your darkest nights and bring light to everything around you. Always let your voice be heard and never let the thunder within you be silent. Let the world see who you truly are and what you are made of.

You are are powerful, rare, and strong. You can take on anything that comes your way. Remember you are made of lighting, hard to forget and remembered by everyone.

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