A year ago I had someone ask me to look into the mirror and tell her 3 positive things about myself. Sadly, I had trouble coming up with 2 out of the 3. How can we be so positive about others yet have trouble doing the same for us? How can we love others but yet not truly love ourselves?

For me, I didn’t think I was worthy of anything positive. I still felt broken and useless to life around me. Self love was not in my vocabulary nor did I truly know what it meant. 

It took a long time to fully break out of the dark shell and see the sun shining through. The process was slow as molasses on a cold winter day but it was truly a blessing when it happened.

I ask this of you today. Go to the mirror and say 3 positive things about yourself daily. Feel worthy of everything in your life and what is to come from the future. 

Focus on all the positive things about yourself even if all you did was get up from bed and breathe. Be happy with small accomplishments. 

Most importantly, love yourself.

No one will love you more than you love yourself, radiate it to others around you 💜


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